Aliens and ghosts:Secret UFO files opened in UK

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has opened the files on UFO sightings dating back to the 1970s and made them public, including witness accounts and the government’s response. Near RAF Woodbridge, UK a strange sight has occurred in 1980s’. In eastern England in the early hours of December 27, 1980, a very unusual thing has happened which was kept safe in “Rendlesham File.”
The ministry has released the files as part of a four-year project to transfer all of the UFO documents to the National Archives to make them available to curious members of the public. The documents include hundreds of police reports taken from witnesses who describe seeing lights or strange objects in the sky, from southern England and Wales up to Northern Ireland.
These are the thing which have been reported by Charles I. Halt’s report:
“The individuals reported seeing a strange glowing object in the forest,” wrote Halt, who was deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters, adjacent to Woodbridge.
“The object was described as being metallic in appearance and triangular in shape, approximately two to three metres across the base and approximately two metres high.
“It illuminated the entire forest with a white light. The object itself had a pulsing red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath. The object was hovering or on legs.
“As the patrolmen approached the object, it manoeuvred through the trees and disappeared. At this time the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy.”
An hour later, the UFO was spotted near the back gate to the base.
“Later in the night a red sun-like light was seen through the trees. It moved about and pulsed. At one point it appeared to throw off glowing particles and then broke into five separate white objects and then disappeared.
“Immediately thereafter, three star-like objects were noticed in the sky, two objects to the north and one to the south, all of which were about 10 degrees off the horizon.
“The objects moved rapidly in sharp angular movements and displayed red, green and blue lights. The objects to the north appeared to be elliptical through an 8-12 power lens. They then turned to full circles.
“The objects to the north remained in the sky for an hour or more. The object to the south was visible for two or three hours and beamed down a stream of light from time to time.”
The radiation measured was 10 times higher than normal, according to the file. More about this is now available to all the people, all of us who want to know what is going on. I am just surprised for files to be opened after so many years. Many people who have been eyewitnesses have been considered crazy. Is this a way of saying sorry to them?
Anyhow, this is something what is giving answers to many. And is this just the start? Will we be able to take a look in some of the government experiments? I am sure there is a lot of people who are curious about this.


Aliens and ghosts:10 of the most hunted places in the world

There are just some places in the world which give you shivers down your spine. It is not something you can explain, but it makes you uncomfortable staying there. Sometimes it is good to go down with your guts and run as hell from a place like that. If you feel some strange vibe while checking out a house you are planing to buy, trust your instincts and don’t do it. Places which are likely to be haunted are not giving a warm embrace to people. Something very bad must had happened here. Ghost are restless if some injustice has been done to them, or if they died in a violent kind of way. It is not likely they will be friendly, so those stories about friendly ghosts as Casper is, forget about it.
There are a lot of stories about haunted places, not all are real ones. But, there are pretty big number of them making money on alleged ghost visiting. But, still there are places in the world which are “more haunted” than others. What does this mean? It simply means that many people have reported some paranormal activities on these places, more than on the others. These are the top 10 places reported as the most haunted. If you would visit them, surely you will get the idea why this is the case.

10. Borley Rectory

hunted places01
Borley Rectory is located in the small village of Borley, near Sudbury, UK. This small village doesn’t look haunted at all, but this village has a reputation as the “most haunted place in England”.
Borley Rectory was built in 1863 for the Reverend Henry Bull, it sits on the site of an ancient monastery. The ghost of a mournful nun who patrolled the so-called ‘Nun’s Walk’ had often been seen there. An old story claimed that she had fallen in love with a monk from the Borley Monastery – to much outrage – and the two had tried to elope together but had been quickly tracked down. The monk was executed and the nun bricked up in the cellars of the monastic buildings!

9. Stanley Hotel

hunted places02
I am sure you all know about Stephen King’s book The Shining, which was inspired by a stay at the Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado. Assigned Room 217, King reportedly heard ghost children playing in the hallway. Many have experienced paranormal activity here, but these real-life ghosts seem harmless. Many spirits are said to haunt the place, while guests and employees claim to have heard faint music coming from the ballroom and seen the piano keys moving.

8. Tower of London

hunted places03
The most popular spirit hunting this places, as reported, is the ghost of one of the wives of Henry VIII, beheaded in the Tower in 1536. Her ghost has been seen on many occasions, sometimes carrying her head, on Tower Green and in the Tower Chapel Royal. But, she is not the only ghost reported seen here, as you know, many people have died here, after all this is one old building, and as you all know the game of throne is never a pretty one, so not all people died in a pleasant way, many of them were innocent…

7. Woodchester Mansion

hunted places04
Woodchester Mansion is located in Gloucestershire, England. In the last 200 years workers have repeatedly run from the place and seven builders are rumored to have died in inexplicable accidents.

6. The Parisian Catacombs

hunted places05
The Paris Catacombs are mazes of tunnels and crypts underneath the city streets where Parisians placed the bones of their dead for almost 30 years. These tunnels contain the bodies of roughly 6-7 million Parisians. I am sure that no real ghosts are needed here, just the sense of death near you will make you feel uncomfortable.

5. The Skirrid Inn

hunted places06
Skirrid Mountain Inn is located in Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales. According to folklore, in its 900-year history over 180 people have been hanged from a beam on the staircase, which is still in place today, with rope marks, apparently. The first floor of the inn is thought to have been a courtroom in the past. There are not to many people who have courage to stay for a night here. If some of you have visited this place, or even better stayed here for a night, I would like to tell us more about your experience there.

4. Rose Hall

hunted places07
Jamaica, doesn’t sound like a place where ghost go for a vacation. Contrary to popular belief that ghosts are in dark and cold places, there are places where ghosts like to go for a holiday,and Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations for all ghosts. Rose Hall is located in Montego Bay. This huge house is inhabited by the ghost of voodoo priestess’s daughter, Annie Palmer, who reportedly causes bloodstains to appear and disappear randomly. She was murdered in her bed after an 11-year reign of death, torture and nymphomania.
According to old stories Annie has murdered three husbands and a succession of slave lovers by poisoning, strangulation and witchcraft, before forcing other slaves to carry bodies through a tunnel to be buried on a beach. Stories say that it is not just Annie who roams the house, but also ghosts of the slave babies she sacrificed in rituals. Reports have it that her male victims have actually been not only heard but also captured on camera. Have a nice vacation in Jamaica!

3. Bell Farm

hunted places08
This is one of the worst hunting ever, the one which led to a living persons death. During the years of 1817 and 1821 a woman entity terrorized the Bell family. She became known as the Bell Witch or ‘Kate’. She had tortured John Bell so much that it led to his death. It is reported that Kate is still around and up for nothing good.

2. Edinburgh Castle

hunted places09
visitors of the castle, in various occasions have reported to be seeing a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War, colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War – and even the ghost of a dog wandering in the grounds’ dog cemetery. This historical fortress is standing here over 900 years. Lot of history and lot of deaths, lot of spirits must be wondering around.

1. Bhangarh

hunted places10
India sounds nice, but when it comes up to ghosts, if you are willing to meet some here is the right place. First the locals will scare the shit out of you telling you the scariest ghost stories, and as if that is not enough, you will come up on a warning of an Authority not to visit this place after dusk. Birds and wildlife fall silent as the spirit of the sorcerer approaches at night, and nobody has ever tried to spend the night there.
I am willing to take a chance and visit all these places and maybe, if I am not to scared check them out in the night time. Is anyone else up for an adventure like this? I am, not gladly, admitting that I am not up for doing this on my own. It would be nice if some of you readers has guts for something like this, we could make a great journey and maybe some of the legends prove to be false.

Aliens and ghosts

Aliens and ghosts

Dive Right Into the Largest Ever Image of Our Galaxy’s Centre

Jacob Aron - New Scientist
You are looking at more than 84 million stars, the largest ever catalogue of the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Astronomers at the Paranal Observatory in Cerro Paranal, Chile, stitched the 9 gigapixels of the original image from thousands of individual infrared pictures.You can see the full, zoomable version here.
It contains more than 10 times as many stars as previous catalogues and should help astronomers learn more about the central bulge of stars at the heart of the Milky Way. Plotting the colour of each star against its brightness allows astronomers to create a census of stars, revealing more about the structure and content of our galactic centre.
The team have already spotted a large number of faint red dwarf stars, which are known to be a good place to look for exoplanets.
Image by Ignacio Toledo/ESO/VVV Consortium

Aliens and ghosts

Aliens and ghosts

Fossilized human finger, ancient sandal and Martian animal: UFO hunters spot 'evidence of life' on Red Planet in Curiosity Rover's footage

  • UFO hunters claim to have spotted lights in the Martian sky
  • One web user believes he spotted ancient human finger and overturned shoe on Mars' surface
  • Experts insist they are nothing more than blemishes on the camera
By Eddie Wrenn and Snejana Farberov

Since Nasa’s mission to Mars got under way on August 6, the Curiously Rover has beamed some astonishing images back to Earth that have left scientists and amateur star-gazers alike scratching their heads and envisioning UFOs.
But even seasoned alien watchers were puzzled when the rover making its way through the Red Planet send back the image of what appeared to be a fossilized human finger.

YouTube user StephenHannardADGUK, part of a group called Alien Disclosure UK, who had caused a stir on the Internet last week after pointing out white ‘flying objects’ zooming across the Martian sky called attention to a collection of ‘mysterious’ items he spotted in a video from Gale Crater.
Ancient digit: A YouTube user claimed that the rover stumbled upon an ancient, fossilized human finger, which in reality is likely just a rock
Ancient digit: A YouTube user claimed that the rover stumbled upon an ancient, fossilized human finger, which in reality is likely just a rock

Martian footwear: Another rock that caught the attention of the UFO enthusiast made him think of a long-forgotten shoe or sandal on the surface of the Red Planet
Martian footwear: Another rock that caught the attention of the UFO enthusiast made him think of a long-forgotten shoe or sandal on the surface of the Red Planet
‘Mars Curiosty(sp) captures a possible ancient finger, a dome shaped object, a shoe or sandal and a possible Martian creature,’ Hannard wrote in the video description. ‘Are these anomalies real, tricks of the light or something else, as always you decide.’

The image shows what appears to be a rock shaped like a digit with a faint outline at one end that vaguely resembles a fingernail. Another rock found nearby resembles an overturned sandal, and a crevice on another geological formation looks like a smiling Martian critter, NBC reported.
Nasa, however, has so far made no ground-breaking announcements regarding the discovery of life forms – or Martian footwear, for that matter - on the Red Planet, leaving UFO enthusiasts guessing and wondering.
On August 18, Hannard posted footage in which he applied a series of filters to a Curiosity, revealing what he claimed to be four objects resembling flying saucers hovering in the sky.
Martian life form: An image of a rock with a crevice in the middle vaguely resembles a grinning extra-terrestrial critter
Martian life form: An image of a rock with a crevice in the middle vaguely resembles a grinning extra-terrestrial critter
‘Four objects caught by Mars Curiosity, very difficult to make out on original image so I have used a few filters to highlight,’ he said in the video description. ‘What are these four objects? UFOs, Dust particles, or something else? As always you decide.’

Experts, however, came out saying that the four ‘objects’ are actually just dead pixels in the rover's CCD camera — single points in the camera's imager that have lost functionality and register as white.

Marc D'Antonio, a photo and video analyst for MUFON [Mutual UFO Network], told Huffington Post, ‘I fully concur at this point that these are dead pixels on the imager. All CCD (cameras) have them, and in a bland atmosphere like that at Mars, they would be very obvious as opposed to an active atmosphere like Earth, where they could end up hidden for a long time before anyone noticed them.’
UFO or camera snafu: The same relentless web user posted footage in which he applied a series of filters to a Curiosity image, revealing what he claimed to be four objects resembling flying saucers
UFO or camera snafu: The same relentless web user posted footage in which he applied a series of filters to a Curiosity image, revealing what he claimed to be four objects resembling flying saucers

Theory debunked: Experts came out saying that the four 'saucers' are actually just dead pixels in the rover's camera
Theory debunked: Experts came out saying that the four 'saucers' are actually just dead pixels in the rover's camera
The YouTube video - posted by a Stephen Hannard - puts the photograph through many different filters to try to find more clues as to their existence
The YouTube video - posted by a Stephen Hannard - puts the photograph through many different filters to try to find more clues as to their existence. A fourth blob can be seen to the top of this image
Just two days after the rover touched down on Mars, back to Earth caused many UFO hunters to perk up. It seemed that Nasa has itself captured something very strange on camera, including a strange white light dancing across the horizon of the red planet, and four blobs hovering in the sky
While the images are certainly a curiosity, Nasa and photography experts insist that these are nothing more than blemishes on the images, picked up by the camera lens sitting on the rover at a distance of 350 million miles away.
So what are the Mars anomalies? View the videos below:
1) Some internet users claim to be able to see a speck of light rapidly traversing the Martian horizon on the images below
It may not look like much, but on the dry and barren Mars landscape, any movement is unexpected - so what is this light which apparently lifts itself off the ground?

It may not look like much, but on the dry and barren Mars landscape, any movement is unexpected - so what is this light which apparently lifts itself off the ground?
2) It may not look like much, but on the dry and barren Mars landscape, any movement is unexpected - and some claim to be able to see a light which apparently lifts itself off the ground below
It may not look like much, but on the dry and barren Mars landscape, any movement is unexpected - so what is this light which apparently lifts itself off the ground?
3) On some returned images from the Curiosity, strange pinpoints appear in the sky - are they spaceships, or just abnormalities on the camera?
So far, Nasa has not commented on any of the strange sightings, but alien hunters have suggested these are alien ships monitoring our baby steps into the universe.
Curiosity, a six-wheeled vehicle the size of a compact car, landed inside a vast, ancient impact crater near Mars' equator on August 6 after an eight-month, 354-million-mile voyage through space.
Earlier this week , the rover was seen wiggling its wheels back and fourth during final checks before it sets off across the surface of Mars.
Engineers at mission control have been running a series of tests before the one-ton vehicle's first drive which is expected in the next couple of days.
The Martian motor was also shown flexing its extending robotic arm for the first time. The 7-foot-long (2.1-meter-long) arm maneuvers a turret of tools including a camera, a drill, a spectrometer, a scoop and mechanisms for sieving and portioning samples of powdered rock and soil.
The Mars rover Curiosity zapped its first rock on Sunday with a high-powered laser gun designed to analyze Martian mineral content, and scientists declared their target practice a success.
The robotic science lab aimed its laser beam at the fist-sized stone nearby and shot the rock with 30 pulses over a 10-second period, NASA said in a statement issued from mission control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles.

The original image from the NASA website: The 'UFOs' are faint in this image, but observable through adjusting the contrast and brightness
The original image from the NASA website: The 'UFOs' are faint in this image, but observable through adjusting the contrast and brightness

Aliens and ghosts

The Vampire Skeletons of Bulgaria

Bulgaria: The Vampire Skeletons of Bulgaria*

from The Daily Mail
by Daniel Miller

If you thought vampires were simply the stuff of myth and legend - and perhaps the odd teen horror film - think again.
Archaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed two skeletons from the Middle Ages pierced through the chest with iron rods to keep them from turning into the undead.
They are the latest in a succession of finds across western and central Europe which shed new light on just how seriously people took the threat of vampires and how those beliefs transformed into the modern myth.
The two skeletons, believed to be around 800 years old, were discovered during an archaeological dig near a monastery in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Sozopol.
Bulgaria's national history museum chief Bozhidar Dimitrov said: 'These two skeletons stabbed with rods illustrate a practice which was common in some Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of the 20th century.'
According to pagan beliefs, people who were considered bad during their lifetimes might turn into vampires after death unless stabbed in the chest with an iron or wooden rod before being buried.
People believed the rod would also pin them down in their graves to prevent them from leaving at midnight and terrorising the living, the historian explained.
According to Mr Dimitrov over 100 buried people whose corpses were stabbed to prevent them from becoming vampires have been discovered across Bulgaria over the years.
He added: 'I do not know why an ordinary discovery like that became so popular. Perhaps because of the mysteriousness of the word "vampire".
'These people were believed to be evil while they were alive, and it was believed that they would become vampires once they are dead, continuing to torment people.'
According to Dimitrov, 'vampires' were often aristocrats and clerics.
He added: 'The curious thing is that there are no women among them. They were not afraid of witches.'
However last month Italian researchers discovered what they believed to be the remains of a female 'vampire' in Venice - buried with a brick jammed between her jaws to prevent her feeding on victims of a plague which swept the city in the 16th century.
Matteo Borrini, an anthropologist from the University of Florence, said the discovery on the small island of Lazzaretto Nuovo in the Venice lagoon supported the medieval belief that vampires were behind the spread of plagues like the Black Death.
The skeleton was unearthed in a mass grave from the Venetian plague of 1576 - in which the artist Titian died - on Lazzaretto Nuovo, which lies around two miles northeast of Venice and was used as a sanitorium for plague sufferers.
Borrini said: 'This is the first time that archaeology has succeeded in reconstructing the ritual of exorcism of a vampire
U Bugarskoj pronađeni kosturi navodnih vampira: Probodeni kolcima kako ne bi oživjeli
Foto: AFP

'This helps ... authenticate how the myth of vampires was born.'
The succession of plagues which ravaged Europe between 1300 and 1700 fostered the belief in vampires, mainly because the decomposition of corpses was not well understood, Borrini said.
Gravediggers reopening mass graves would sometimes come across bodies bloated by gas, with hair still growing, and blood seeping from their mouths and believe them to be still alive.
The shrouds used to cover the faces of the dead were often decayed by bacteria in the mouth, revealing the corpse's teeth, and vampires became known as 'shroud-eaters.'
According to medieval medical and religious texts, the 'undead' were believed to spread pestilence in order to suck the remaining life from corpses until they acquired the strength to return to the streets again.
'To kill the vampire you had to remove the shroud from its mouth, which was its food like the milk of a child, and put something uneatable in there,' said Borrini.
'It's possible that other corpses have been found with bricks in their mouths, but this is the first time the ritual has been recognised.'
While legends about blood-drinking ghouls date back thousands of years, the modern figure of the vampire was encapsulated in the Irish author Bram Stoker's 1897 novel 'Dracula,' based on 18th century eastern European folktales.
*the title has been shortened by (Sofia News Agency)


Staljin izmislio vanzemaljce u Roswellu

Spisateljica Annie Jacobsen uzburkala je duhove prošlosti i razvila još jednu u moru čudnih teoriji o posjeti vanzemaljaca SAD-u. Ni manje, ni više, za sve je kriv sovjetski vođa.
Knjiga "Area 51 - necenzururirana povijest" otkriva novu "pravu" istinu o vanzemaljcima u američkom Roswellu 1947. godine.
Amerikanci godinama razvijaju kojekakve teorije na tu temu pa će im se najnovima sigurno svidjeti. Prema autorici knjige, Annie Jacobsen, sve je dio zločestog plana tadašnjeg sovjetskog lidera, Josepha Staljina, kako bi zastrašio naivne Amerikance.
Annie je nakon svog istraživanja razvila teoriju po kojoj je Staljin unajmio nacističkog znanstvenika Josefa Mengelea poznatijeg pod imenom "Anđeo smrti".
Nabavio je i nacističke zrakoplove Horton HO 229, a kao šlag na tortu sjeli su piloti koji su nalik maloj djeci.
Staljin je htio izazvati paniku sličnu onoj koju je izazvala radijska predstava Orsona Wellsa "Rat svjetova" 1938. godine kada su Amerikanci povjerovali da stižu vanzemaljci.
Čitavu teoriju spisateljica temelji na razgovoru s umirovljenim inženjerom tvrtke EG&G koji je 1978. godine radio u vojnoj bazi Area 51.

Aliens and ghosts

Zavirite u čudesan svijet ispod Bijelog mora!

prije 1 dan
izvanzemaljci u dubinama
Čudesna bića, kakva sigurno niste imali priliku vidjeti, žive u dubinama Bijelog mora.
Bijelo more
Bijelo more, smješteno između dva poluotoka, Kola i Kanina, krije osebujan i predivan životinjski svijet, kakvog zasigurno nikada prije nismo vidjeli.

Čudesna bića oblikom i bojama tijela u se prilagodili okolišu u kojem stanuju.

Naime, temperatura u Bijelom moru zimi se kreće između minus deset i minus 13, dok su najviše temperature ljeti između osam i 15.

Pogledajte fotografije i zaključite zašto stanovnike ovog ledenog, morskog svijeta nazivaju izvanzemaljcima.

 Aliens and ghosts

Otkriven golemi planet na rubu Sunčevog sustava?

Nakon što je Pluton izbačen iz uglednog društva, čini se kako će planeti Sunčevog sustava dobiti novog člana.
Sunčev sustav Photos/Ilustracija
Prema proračunima znanstvenika, na rubu Sunčevog sustava krije se golemi planet kojeg naši teleskopi ne mogu otkriti.

Barem tako tvrdi brazilski astronom Rodney Gomes, koji je svoju tezu predstavio prošli tjedan na konferenciji Američkog astronomskog društva u Timberline Lodgeu u Oregonu.

Naime, prema njegovim proračunima tijela Kuiperova pojasa, koji se proteže daleko iza orbite Neptuna, a u kojem kruže malena ledena tijela, kreću se po neobičnim putanjama koje ne odgovaraju postojećim modelima.

Gomes za ovakve anomalije u Kuiperova pojasa, u kojem se svake godine otkriju nova tijela, ima nekoliko mogućih objašnjenja.

Najizglednija teorija jest da na samom rubu naše galaksije postoji golemo tijelo koje svojom gravitacijom utječe na objekte u Kuiperovu pojasu.

Prema njemu, on smatra kako se u mračnim krajevim Sunčevog sustava nalazi planet veličine Neptuna, odnosno četiri puta veći od Zemlje , dok drugi pak smatraju da je vjerojatnije da je novi član uglednog društva zapravo veličine Marsa.

Osim toga, Gomes smatra da bi nepoznati planet mogao biti planet lutalica koji je davno izbačen iz sustava svoje matične zvijezde te privučen gravitacijom Sunca ili je pak nastao negdje bliže našoj najsjajnijoj zvijezdi, ali je kasnije gravitacijskim utjecajima drugih planeta izbačen na periferiju našeg sustava.

Aliens and Ghosts

The Brown Lady

Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken

The Brown Lady

The Brown Lady
Captain Provand
This portrait of "The Brown Lady" ghost is arguably the most famous and well-regarded ghost photograph ever taken. The ghost is thought to be that of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham, residents of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England in the early 1700s. It was rumored that Dorothy, before her marriage to Charles, had been the mistress of Lord Wharton. Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity. Although according to legal records she died and was buried in 1726, it was suspected that the funeral was a sham and that Charles had locked his wife away in a remote corner of the house until her death many years later. Dorothy's ghost is said to haunt the oak staircase and other areas of Raynham Hall. In the early 1800s, King George IV, while staying at Raynham, saw the figure of a woman in a brown dress standing beside his bed. She was seen again standing in the hall in 1835 by Colonel Loftus, who was visiting for the Christmas holidays. He saw her again a week later and described her as wearing a brown satin dress, her skin glowing with a pale luminescence. It also seemed to him that her eyes had been gouged out. A few years later, Captain Frederick Marryat and two friends saw "the Brown Lady" gliding along an upstairs hallway, carrying a lantern. As she passed, Marryat said, she grinned at the men in a "diabolical manner." Marryat fired a pistol at the apparition, but the bullet simply passed through.
This famous photo was taken in September, 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira, two photographers who were assigned to photograph Raynham Hall for Country Life magazine. This is what happened, according to Shira:
"Captain Provand took one photograph while I flashed the light. He was focusing for another exposure; I was standing by his side just behind the camera with the flashlight pistol in my hand, looking directly up the staircase. All at once I detected an ethereal veiled form coming slowly down the stairs. Rather excitedly, I called out sharply: 'Quick, quick, there's something.' I pressed the trigger of the flashlight pistol. After the flash and on closing the shutter, Captain Provand removed the focusing cloth from his head and turning to me said: 'What's all the excitement about?'"
Upon developing the film, the image of The Brown Lady ghost was seen for the first time. It was published in the December 16, 1936 issue of Country Life. The ghost has been seen occasionally since.


Aliens and Ghosts

Čudo ili slučajnost?'Anđeo mi je spasio dijete pri porodu'

'Anđeo mi je spasio dijete pri porodu'

Sasvim neplanirano, 31-godišnja Dee Lazarou počela je rađati pod tušem, te je svoju bebu rodila na podu kupaonice uz pomoć supruga i telefonske pomoći doktora.

Iako je bila spremna za bolnički porod i najveća noćna mora joj je bilo roditi u kući, bez pomoći doktora, priznaje da je nije bilo toliko strah koliko je očekivala jer je znala da dijete ima svog anđela čuvara.

Naime, kada je bila 12 tjedana trudna, otišla je na ultrazvuk, a na slici koju je dobila primijetila je anđeosko lice koje gleda njezinog sin Lea. To je shvatila kao poruku odozgo i tvrdi da joj je značajno pomoglo u nošenju sa stresnom situacijom.

Za vrijeme poroda, otac je primijetio da je dječaku pupčana vrpca omotana oko vrata, no i s tom su se situacijom hrabro uhvatili u koštac i uspješno porodili mališana.

Ubrzo nakon poroda stigla je i hitna pomoć pa su majka i prinova dobili potrebnu liječničku skrb i nemaju nikakvih posljedica poroda kod kuće.

Gospođa Lazarou priča: 'Kada smo vidjeli lice na slici s ultrazvuka, ostali smo zapanjeni, ali sada znam da je sve imalo svoj razlog. Anđeo je pazio na Lea i pobrinuo se da porod prođe sigurno. Lice je svima nama bilo velika utjeha. Sliku sam sačuvala i jedva čekam da Leo bude malo stariji kako bih mu mogla ispričati priču o njegovom nevjerojatnom rođenju', prenosi Daily Mail.

S obzirom da je 'anđeosko lice' sa slike mrlja za koju bi netko drugi pomislio da je... mrlja, ovo se svakako ubraja u priče koje ne svjedoče nužno o postojanju anđela, ali svakako potvrđuju teoriju da vjera tj. ljudski um imaju veliku moć.

Naravno, ostavljamo prostora i mogućnosti da se radi o pravom anđelu koji voli privilegiranu djecu čijim je roditeljima ultrazvuk, telefonska pomoć liječnika, hitna pomoć i rađanje u bolnici samorazumljiva stvar, dok za novorođenčad u puno težim uvjetima baš ne mari.

Ipak, nekako nam je draža teorija da se radi o još posve neistraženoj strani ljudskog uma koji može davati snagu i hrabrost te posve ovladati stvarnošću.


Aliens and Ghosts

Posjetio raj četiri puta, pa nacrtao preciznu kartu

Posjetio raj četiri puta, pa nacrtao preciznu kartu

Sibusiso Mthembu ima 64 godine i tvrdi da je imao priliku četiri puta posjetiti raj. A kako bi ljudima bolje pokazao što ih čeka nakon smrti, odlučio je nacrtati i kartu.

Ovaj čovjek iz Južnoafričke Republike hvali se da je prvi put posjetio raj 1998. godine, kad je po njega došao anđeo Gabrijel. Ovaj posjet nije bio posve neočekivan, kaže, jer je Gabrijel po njega došao i 1993., no tada mu je samo rekao da ga trebaju u raju.

U svojem drugom putovanju Sibusiso je čak upoznao i Boga, za kojeg kaže da izgleda kao da je u dvadesetim godinama, isto kao i svi na nebu. Za Boga je rekao da je sivkaste boje, dok je Isus posve bijel.

U svojim nebeskim pustolovinama navodno je zapazio da postoji 11 nebesa i posjetio je svako od njih. Bog obitava na planetu Jadalemu, kojim prevladavaju vatra i led.

Prema njegovim riječima, Isus živi u petom nebu u gradu Sharomyju, a nacrtao je i kartu raja kako bi svoje spoznaje podijelio sa svima željnima znanja.

Sebe smatra prorokom kojem je pružena jedinstvena prilika da zaviri u zagrobni život u punoj svijesti te upozna velike ličnosti, poput Mojsija, Abela, pa čak i samog Boga.

Nada se da će kartu, koju crta već godinama, uskoro moći i tiskati, te podijeliti svima zainteresiranima kako bi se imali čemu radovati i mogli što bolje snaći čim stignu u raj. 
Aliens and Ghosts

Aliens and Ghosts

Aliens and Ghosts